Joshua Winer's background includes a Degree in Fresco Painting from the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture (1976), a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Yale University (1978), and a Master's Degree in Architecture from Harvard University (1986). After practicing architecture for three years, he became a licensed architect in 1989.

Joshua's fascination with public art was sparked while exploring Europe during his early twenties. In Paris, Florence, and Venice, he saw magnificent frescos and mosaics in historic architectural settings. This was the genesis of a career focused on the creation of art that complements its environment.

Joshua developed his expertise as a muralist while still a student at Harvard's Graduate School of Design. During this period he created 'The Harvard Square Theater Mural' and 'The Mayor's Wall' in Boston's Old City Hall. While practicing architecture in Boston he often collaborated with architects, notably 'The S&S Restaurant Mural'. When he won a major public design competition for the Newbury Street Mural in 1991, he started a full time career as an artist.

Joshua Winer has created more than 100 murals and works of public art, from very large exterior murals for city centers to very personalized interior murals for homes, and everything between: murals in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, old-age homes, mansions, museums, castles, bathrooms, office buildings, parking garages, malls, theaters and schools. He works in many media, including paint, mosaic, ceramic, brick, metal and wood.

Joshua Winer is bilingual in English and French. His son Charles lives in the French Alps and loves to write fiction. He is currently at work on his fifth novel.

For commissions, competitions, and teaching information, please address inquiries to:

Joshua Winer/Mural Arts
Boston, Massachusetts
Telephone: 617.930.6010
Email: jw@joshuawiner.com


Joshua Winer and the 'Newbury Street Mural'.

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