Welcome to Chateau Picomtal. This is a magnificent Renaissance castle built by King Louis in 1536 in the southern French Alps. Over the last two years it has been restored by its' new owners, Jacques and Sharon Peureux, into a modern conference center. The castle features 8 guest bedrooms, a large conference room for 80 people, two private meeting rooms for 15 people, a dining room, living room, and state of the art kitchen. The site is stunning, with 50 acres of open meadow above an alpine lake in the middle of 12,000 foot snow covered peaks.

Joshua Winer spent one year living and working in the castle creating new painted decoration on the walls and ceilings. Each room is in a different style, from Provencal to Renaissance to French Empire, fully realized with complementary furnishings, light fixtures, and hand made tapestries. Work included faux marbre, faux bois, trompe l'oeil, stencil work, mural, patinas, gilding, mural restoration and new murals.

Joshua Winer welcomes inquires for historic restoration painting projects and decorative painting work.

To learn more about using the castle for a conference or seminar, please contact Joshua Winer.

Starting in the year 2002, Joshua Winer will host decorative painting workshops in the castle. See 'Teaching and Workshops' for more information.

For commissions, competitions, and teaching information, please address inquiries to:

Joshua Winer/Mural Arts
Boston, Massachusetts
Telephone: 617.930.6010



Chateau Picomtal, on the hillside overlooking the
Village of Crots.



New hand stenciled tapestry created by Joshua Winer and
L'Equipe d'Art being installed in one of the meeting rooms.



View inside the Northeast Tower chapel with its murals
showing Patron Saint King Louis in the Garden of Vincennes.


Detail of the chapel mural with Family Coats-of-Arms
and local flowers.



Joshua Winer painting French Empire-style decoration in
one of the bedrooms during the Summer of 2000.

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