As American supermarkets change to include healthier food products, they also change towards more interesting interiors. Murals provide an artistic alternative to signage and supergraphics, while adding a handmade look and a customized feel to supermarket interiors.

Over the last five years, Crosby's Markets (a small chain of local supermarkets on Boston's north shore) has been renovating its locations at the rate of one location per year. Crosby's architect includes five or six murals in each project. To date Joshua Winer has created more than thirty murals for Crosby's Markets. In each location there are large size still life murals that capture the beauty of fresh foods, as well as one mural in each location that celebrates local history.

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Joshua Winer/Mural Arts
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The classic deli still life; sausages, ham, chicken, cheeses, all suspended through the magic of trompe l'oeil on the tile wall behind the deli case. Joshua Winer developed a special paint system to create these murals on ceramic tile.


Delicatessen mural: Crosby's Markets. Concord, MA.
Commissioned by Crosby's Markets.

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Titled "Morning in Dairy Country", this mural wraps the wall above the dairy cases. Its design recalls the tradition of food product advertising of the 50's, with large scale foods in the foreground and a scenic panorama in the background.


Dairy mural: Crosby's Markets. Salem, MA.
Commissioned by Crosby's Markets.

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This still life sketch celebrates the fascinating shapes and colors of seafood, always fresh and always legal (with a nod to the master French still-life painter Chardin).


Seafood mural: Crosby's Markets. Marblehead, MA.
Commissioned by Crosby's Markets.

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