This page shows a variety of interior mosaic murals created by students working with me as an Artist-in-Residence. The school works collaboratively to develop a theme for the project. Students design details and add individual creative elements to the mosaic, often working with ceramics to create three dimensional tiles and low relief sculpture.

School interiors have many open areas with blank walls that are natural sites for mosaic murals. Common locations are school vestibules, lobbies, hallways and stair halls. Mosaics are inherently architectural and durable, making them an excellent choice for permanent building decoration. Mosaic murals brighten and enliven the walls, adding vibrancy and life to the overall environment.

Mosaics are an ideal medium for community projects. The palette of materials, including ceramic tile, Italian glass, mirrors and colored grout, is vibrant and textural, stimulating the senses and sparking natural creativity. The process of building mosaics is open and surprisingly forgiving, enabling people with all levels of skill and experience to work together to create the artwork.

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With funding from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, The Cottage Street School organized a year of ‘Arts in Our School’. I worked as an Artist-in-Residence to create this brightly colored mosaic in the school lobby. The mural spans floor to ceiling and is fifty feel long, creating a spectacular showpiece of community art. The theme relates to the school’s natural environment, with an abstract waterfall cascading into the waters of the pond and animals emerging from their habitats.

'In Our Own Backyard' Mosaic Mural
Cottage Street School. Sharon, MA.


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‘Growing A Garden’ was Cottage Street School’s theme for their year of art. Parents worked together on landscaping pathways and planting gardens in the school entry. We extended this theme into the building lobby with our mosaic mural. The theme has additional symbolic meaning, referencing personal growth, the nurturing of youth, and cultivation of the natural world.

'Growing a Garden' Mosaic Mural
Cottage Street School. Sharon, MA.


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When the Belmont Day School finished building their new theater, they asked me to work with their students to create a mosaic mural for the theater lobby. The scene shows students performing on stage in front of a backdrop depicting world unity, with a pianist and audience members in the foreground. All of the details are based on students’ original drawings.

'The World Theater Mosaic'
Belmont Day School. Belmont, MA.




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The theme of friendship was the touchstone for the students’ design of this mosaic. This scene shows students in the front yard of their school, the town pond and orchards framing the composition. The border spells out the school’s core values. The panel’s cut out elliptical shape animates the interior wall of the school lobby. This mosaic is created from Mexican smalti glass.

'The Friendship Mosaic'
Pine Hill School. Sherborn, MA.


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The town of Concord, Massachusetts is famous for its rich literary history and its important role in the American Revolution. Concord’s citizens also treasure its natural beauty. This project celebrates the places of Concord with 8 mosaics in the school stairhall. Each panel depicts a unique place or habitat: ‘Underground’; ‘Underwater”; ‘Town Common”; “Orchard House”; ‘Walden Pond’; ‘Concord River’; “’Farm Scene”; ‘Town Forest”; ‘’Concord Neighborhood”;“A Journey to Boston”.

'Walden Pond Mosaic'
The Alcott Elementary School. Concord, MA.

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