If you've ever had the good fortune to visit the villas of Venice and see the Italian artist Paulo Veronese's frescos, you know that the possibilities of mural design in homes (and palaces) are endless and magical.

Murals may extend the space of a room, create a pastoral landscape or transform the interior architecture of a room using trompe l'oeil elements of any historical style.

I have created dozens of murals for homes, working closely with architects, interior designers and homeowners to create murals in dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and billiard rooms, on walls, ceilings, and floors. Often these murals are combined with decorative paint finishes in residential projects to achieve an overall effect.

Of special note is my work creating decorative painting in a castle in the French Alps, called Chateau Picomtal. This is an ongoing project in which I have been working with the owners for more than a decade, adding decorative painted finishes and murals to each room and every common space, little by little restoring this Renaissance castle to its former beauty. (See 'Chateau Picomtal & Decorative Painting').

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This mural covers all four walls of a formal residential dining room, from the wainscoting to the cornice. Formerly a riding club, this restored home is now owned by an equestrian who shows her horses and hosts riding events in her paddocks. The artwork is a tribute to the art of Impressionist Edgar Degas. It is painted with transparent washes of acrylic varnish.

Equestrian Dining Room. Medfield, MA. Private residence.


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This mural was created for a doctor who loves all things Cajun: the bayou, New Orleans architecture, exotic flowers, masks of Mardi Gras. These elements are combined in a fanciful trompe l'oeil mural that extends the wall of his kitchen out into the mysterious swamps of Louisiana.

Louisiana Bayou Mural. Boston, MA. Private residence.



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Lake Kashmir in Rahjastan, India, features beautifully carved houseboats floating tranquilly in front of a panorama of the Himalayan Mountains. Here I have transformed a small bathroom into a spacious view using trompe l’oeil architectural painting. The murals cover all four walls and the ceiling. The murals were painted on canvas panels in the studio and then installed on site.

Lake Kashmir Bathroom Murals. Back Bay, Boston, MA.


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This room faces out onto a terraced grass lawn landscape that merges into a deep pine forest. These garden elements are featured in the painted landscape of this mural, the colors harmonizing with a custom multicolored sisal carpet designed by the owner’s Interior Designer. I lined all wall surfaces with linen, then painted the mural on site matching the colors and composition of the design maquette.

Forest Billiard Room. Sherburn, MA. Private residence.



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These murals are in the dining room of a two hundred year old farmhouse in a working vineyard. The grape vines, rock walls, and animals of the local landscape are featured in this Oriental styled mural that wraps around the dining room from the chair rail to the ceiling. Because the original walls were unstable plaster, I relined the walls with canvas, then painted the mural on site. The canvas texture adds depth to the artwork.

Appongansett Vineyard Dining Room Murals. Dartmouth, MA.


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This painted gate is a contemporary interpretation of the classical garden folly. The front sides of the gates are modeled on the brick, stone and wrought iron gate architecture of 18th century English estates. The reverse side of the gates transform the motif into boxwood topiary. These gates were purchased by a private owner and are used as an entrance to his collection of garden sculpture.

Trompe L'Oeil Gates. Lincoln, MA. Private residence.


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There’s a tradition in Colonial American homes of painting murals on the risers of the stair. This is my contribution to this art form, created for the Montserrat College of Art Admissions Building when I was teaching mural painting classes at the art school. The subject is nearby Beverly Harbor, with maritime artist Fitz Hugh Lane painting the landscape.

Stylistically, this is a nod to American Naïve painting.

Stair Riser Mural. Montserrat College of Art. Beverly, MA.

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