This page shows some of the murals painted by students working with Joshua Winer through Artist-in-Residence programs. These are group projects, where students develop concepts, create design drawings, and paint the murals for permanent display in their schools.

Painted murals are engaging school projects. Students learn to research, draw, enlarge their drawings and paint on a large scale. Murals add colorful decoration and positive stories to the walls of schools.

School murals are painted with artist acrylics either directly on the walls or on panels in the art classroom, after which we install them on the school walls. The murals are coated with satin finish acrylic varnish, providing Ultraviolet light protection and a strong, clear coating for easy cleaning and maintenance.

For commissions, competitions, and teaching information, please address inquiries to:

Joshua Winer/Mural Arts
Boston, Massachusetts
Telephone: 617.930.6010



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Loker School has an ‘Open Circle’ approach to communication and learning. Based on this notion, we used the circle as a unifying motif for 'The Learning Circle Murals’. Each grade level created their own mural, depicting ideas, experiences and curriculum issues of their particular grade.

'The Fifth Grade Grand Finale' shows students performing on stage in the annual Fifth Grade play, with teachers in the audience doing a ‘Clap-Out’ for graduating students. The school bus, ‘The Middle School Express’, is starting out on next year’s journey.

The Fifth Grade Grand Finale Mural
Loker Elementary School. Wayland, MA.


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'The Learning Tree Mural’ was created by the fourth grade at Loker School as a tribute to literacy and language. The apple tree’s canopy features painted books, scrolls, and computer monitors, all painted with students’ collaborative artwork of their favorite stories, poems, and web learning sites.

The Learning Tree Mural, Fourth Grade
Loker Elementary School. Wayland, MA.


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When Wayland High School art teacher Michael Rumrill suggested the theme of a game board for this Advanced Placement art class mural, it was clear we had a winner. The featured game is iconic and well-suited to artistic reinterpretation. The students responded to the design problem with enthusiasm, wit and creativity. The game features an interesting group of monopolies: local restaurants; town conservation lands; master artists’ paintings; a triad of social equalities; the trials and tribulations of Graduation.

Originality Game Board Mural
Wayland High School. Wayland, MA.




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I attended this elementary school as a student when I was a boy. So I was delighted when the school invited me to return to create murals on the building’s outside blank walls. All of these murals were created with the students, who contributed their designs and worked on the painting as well. Each grade level created a mural, exploring curriculum ideas for their theme. The first graders entry mural shows children holding hands in a arched rainbow reading ‘Welcome to Loker School’.

Welcome to Loker School, First Grade
Loker Elementary School. Wayland, MA.




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The students of the Bowman School are of diverse origins, making the story of immigration a great choice for these murals. We explored themes of immigration with the Fifth Grade, using individual painted narratives as the basis for this suite of panels. There are five murals showing Immigration in five phases: 1.Origins 2.Coming into the Country 3. Neighborhoods 4. Family Contributions 5.The Future

The Immigration Story Mural
Bowman Elementary School. Lexington, MA.

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