Murals serve a valuable role in the world of commerce and merchandising. They add color and life, complementing the décor of a retail location. Whether the mural is temporary (such as a mural used for a seasonal display or an opening celebration), or permanent (such as a centerpiece for a commercial mall), the mural will enhance the atmosphere of any commercial space.

I often collaborate with architects, interior designers, property managers and property owners in the design of murals for commercial locations including stores, malls, restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets.

Murals are also an important element in restaurant décor. They define style while reinforcing the identity of an eating place. They create an atmospheric background for dining and socializing, and contribute a sense of artfulness that complements the art of food preparation.

My work as an architectural designer of restaurants and bakeries provides practical experience in dealing with the issues of construction and scheduling. In addition to murals, I have designed a full range of complementary items for restaurants, including signs, logos, package design, illustrations, coffee cups, even custom bricks (see 'Carberry's Bakery').

As American supermarkets change to include healthier food products, their interiors and graphics have become better designed and more interesting. Murals provide an artistic alternative to signage, adding a handmade look and a customized feel to supermarket interiors.

Crosby's Markets, a family owned New England supermarket chain that takes pride in maintaining strong connections to the community, has worked with me for more than a decade to feature murals in their markets. These murals celebrate the beauty and appeal of fresh foods, and often include panoramas of local history.

For commissions, competitions, and teaching information, please address inquiries to:

Joshua Winer/Mural Arts
Boston, Massachusetts
Telephone: 617.930.6010



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At Road Trip Restaurant, the dining theme explores regional American cuisine. I was commissioned to create 6 large scale panoramic landscape murals as backdrops for 6 different seating areas, organized as a cross country driving tour. This 'Harvest Table' mural shows the bounties of Midwestern farm country. The murals were all painted on canvas in the studio and field installed.

Road Trip Restaurant.
'Midwestern Harvest Table.'


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'Lightly Ethnic' is a New York cable television cooking show that explores healthy Mediterranean cuisine. I was commissioned to create this Tuscan kitchen mural as a backdrop for the chef. Working closely with the set designer, we created a nice visual interplay between real and painted still life objects (like the real braid of garlic hanging from the trompe l'oeil arch impost).

Lightly Ethnic Mural. 8' high x 20' long.
Commissioned by The 'All Food Cable Network', New York, NY.



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Elephants in the Prudential Center? This was the solution the developer and I agreed would grab some attention for the grand opening celebration of one of New England's major shopping centers. This trompe l'oeil illusion adds color and humor to a lively commercial environment. Included are more than twenty portraits of members of the mall community.

The Elephant Mural (second panel). Prudential Center. Boston, MA. 20' high x 25' long.
Commissioned by the Prudential Center.




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Crosby’s Marketplace is a family owned and operated Massachusetts chain of supermarkets that offer fresh produce, seafood and meats. I have worked with Crosby’s for more than a decade creating murals that feature their foods and products. In each location there are between five and ten murals that are strategically located around the market to decorate the walls and make the shopper’s experience more enjoyable and interesting.

Produce Mural.
Crosby's Markets. Concord, MA.


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This mural, on the back wall of Crosby’s Marketplace in Manchester-By-The Sea, is a tribute to one of Manchester’s important families. For almost a century, the Brown family has actively participated in the community life of this small New England town. I have painted a recreation of their original Beach Street store that features portraits of all of the siblings.

Browns' Family Market Mural. Manchester-By-The-Sea, MA. 12' high x 25' long.
Commissioned by Crosby's Markets.




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Carberry’s Bakery prides itself on European style coffee and pastries and a welcoming, European style designed environment. I have worked with Carberry’s on all aspects of the design of their locations and products: architecture, signage, logo design, fleet graphics, awnings, coffee cup design, customs murals and decorative painting. Matthew Carberry, the owner, and I have become close friends and enthusiastic artistic collaborators.

Carberry's Bakery. Cambridge, MA. 12' high x 50' long.
Commissioned by Carberry's Bakery.


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In-Blossom specializes in providing a wide selection of plants and floral accessories for use in retail settings, weddings, and for special occasions. The owners commissioned me to transform their blank garage doors into an enticing scene of Mediterranean architecture and landscape. Having just returned from a painting vacation on the beautiful Cyclades Islands of Greece, I re-imagined some of that fantastic floral imagery and architecture for the design of this mural.

'In Blossom Mural'. 25' high x 18' wide.
Belmont, MA.

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