Come join the Mosaic Renaissance!

You are invited to join me for mosaic classes and workshops in my studio in the historic Waltham mills. Learn traditional and contemporary techniques using glass smalti, Venetian vitreous glass tile, ceramic tile and colored grouts as you create your own original mosaic panels.

Participate in a scheduled class, or create your own group and come on a schedule that works best for you! Family groups and children are welcome.

Teachers who would like to create mosaics in their schools are invited to learn techniques for individual or group projects. We can also work together to create projects in other locations, such as your home or school.

For commissions, competitions, and teaching information, please address inquiries to:

Joshua Winer/Mural Arts
Boston, Massachusetts
Telephone: 617.930.6010
Email: jw@joshuawiner.com







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The Waltham Mills Mosaics Studio is located at 144 Moody Street, Building 18, in Waltham, Massachusetts. This historic mill building has been home to the Waltham Mills Artists Association since 1976. The mosaics studio carries on the tradition of fine design, handwork and industry that have occupied this building for more than a century.


The Waltham Mills Mosaics Studio
View From the Charles River

Working with glass smalti from Mexico (5/8" square) and Venetian glass mosaics (3/4" square), students create original mosaics on panels. Topics covered include design, panel preparation, purchase of materials, cutting of mosaics, cements and adhesives and grouting. Classes are offered both for new students and for mosaic artists who would like to develop advanced, individual projects.


Traditional Mosaic Class
Mosaic panels created by students - panels are 10 inches square


Mosaics make great family projects. Families come to the studio to work on individual or group projects in a creative and supportive environment. I also work with families in their homes to collaborate on mosaics for their own environments, inside or out. Families participate in all phases of design and fabrication. Projects include cabinet panels, wall murals, tables, and furniture decoration.


Family Mosaic Class
El Hoenig and Peter Hoenig working on glass mosaic panels


In this class, students are introduced to all the materials and methods used to create large mosaic murals, for interior and exterior settings. The class will work together on all phases of design and fabrication, from concept through installation in a variety of media that includes glass mosaics, tile, mixed materials, and colored grouts.This class is recommended for artists interested in creating mosaic murals, as well as for teachers who would like to create mosaic murals in their schools.


Mosaic Mural Class
'Growing a Garden' - Mosaic mural at the Cottage Street School

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