I am passionate about art. I love the process of creating art and experiencing art. My specialization is the creation of visual art that is integrated into an architechtural setting. I believe that site specific art plays a significant role in enriching human experience as it makes meaningful connections to context and use. I also believe that public and community art is made more meaningful by following art-making processes that include the sharing of ideas and knowledge. This aesthetic value system is the foundation for my work as a commissioned artist and as an educator.

Over the last twenty years I have created more than 100 murals, mosaics and works of public art in cities across the United States (see my 'Mural Portfolio' and 'Mosaics' for these projects). This work spans a broad range of project types, from monumental exterior public art for urban centers (like 'The Wayne History Mural') to very personalized interior art for home (like the 'Trompe L'oeil Garden Gates') and everything in between: murals and mosaics in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, senior-living homes, mansions, museums, castles, bathrooms, office buildings, parking garages, malls, theaters and schools. I work in many media, including paint, mosaic, ceramic, brick, metal, and wood. I have also created several large mobiles (such as 'The Sam Placentino Memorial Mobile'). I often collaborate with other artists, as well as work hands-on with community groups and schools to make the finished artwork.

My educational background includes a Degree in Fresco Painting from the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture (1976), a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Yale University (1978), and a Master's Degree in Architecture from Harvard University (1986). I became a licensed architect in 1989.

My fascination with public art was sparked while exploring Europe during my early twenties. In travels through Paris, Florence, and Venice, I saw magnificent frescos and mosaics in historic architectural settings, expanding my awareness of the potential for art and architecture to merge in powerful ways. This was the genesis of a career focused on the creation of art that complements its environment.

I developed my expertise as a muralist while studying architecture at Harvard's Graduate School of Design. During this period I created 'The Harvard Square Theater Mural' and 'The Mayor's Wall' in Boston's Old City Hall. While practicing architecture in Boston I started to collaborate with architects, landscape architects, and interior to integrate art into the broader design process. In 1990 The Boston Society of Architects recognized my work with a Public Design Award for 'The S&S Restaurant Mural'. When I won a major mural competition for the Newbury Street Mural in 1991, I started a full time career as an artist.

In addition to being a working artist, I am also an experienced educator, and have taught courses in mural painting, trompe l'oeil painting and mosaics at schools throughout Massachusetts, including Rhode Island School of Design, Montserrat College of Art, and Massachusetts College of Art. I develop course material from my professional experience and offer classes that engage the students in creating art for real world environments.

Another important facet of my work involves creating murals, mosaics and other works of public art with students for their schools. This work is done in the context of residencies (see 'Artist-in-Residence/School Projects') and visiting artist programs. In Massachusetts I often work through the Creative Teaching Partners Program of the Massachusetts Cultural Council to create work of this type. The experience of working with younger artists in their school communities is rewarding and highly creative.

I am bilingual in English and French, and often travel to France. For more than 10 years I have been creating painted decoration for Chateau Picomtal, a conference center in the French Alps.

For commissions, competitions, and teaching information, please address inquiries to:

Joshua Winer/Mural Arts
Boston, Massachusetts
Telephone: 617.930.6010









Joshua Winer designing the Davenport Street Mural in his Arlington office.

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